Weird News

Facebook Helps Lead to Arrest of Dine-and-Dashing Customer
All businesses have their bad customers.  In Reno, Nevada, Saul Zelaznog is one of the worst. He has made a habit of dining and dashing all around town. One business decided to go vigilante on Saul and post his photo and his bad habit on their Facebook page with hopes of tracking him down. It w…
Drive By Shooting on Montana Highway
As strange as it sounds, being shot at while driving on the interstate is one of my biggest fears. On July 26th, an older couple driving on Interstate 90 experienced just that. Luckily they escaped with nothing more than a broken window.
Former NBA Player Claims He Has Encountered Aliens [AUDIO]
Former NBA player Baron Davis explains why you should not drive towards a bright white and red light. Only do so if you don't mind meeting ugly half human looking creatures. Do you think this former New York Knicks player is telling the truth or a tall tale about meeting aliens? Listen to him e…

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