Back in June, a TV show called Dino Hunters premiered on the Discovery Channel. Clayton Phipps, a Montana native and cattle rancher was featured on the show. In 2003, Phipps discovered that the land his family owned had a lot more to offer when he found his first dinosaur fossil.

The Hell Creek Formation in eastern Montana has produced some of the most complete dinosaur fossils in the world, including “Wankel's Rex”, one of the largest and most complete T. Rex skeletons ever found.

The Hell Creek Formation travels through the Phipps family ranch, and all of the dinosaur and mammal fossils known throughout the Hell Creek Formation can be found on the property. ​

If you'd like to channel your inner paleontologist, you can book your very own dinosaur fossil dig in Montana. While visitors are allowed to keep most of the materials they find, there are a few exceptions. According to a waiver that must be signed before you participate, Cowboy Dino Digs reserves the right prohibit the removal of specific pieces.

The prohibited pieces include, but are not limited to:

  • Anything mammal or carnivore
  • Fossils
  • Full or part of bones
  • Any part of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Champsosaurus or Struthiomimus.

Visitors are not allowed to take part of a piece if time does not allow for the removal of the entire piece, and visitors aren't allowed to take part of a piece if there are indications that the piece might be part of a skeleton or portion of a skeleton.

All determinations will be made by Cowboy Dino Digs at their full and sole discretion.

Cowboy Dino Digs offers both full-day, and half-day guided excursions. You must make a reservation.


  • Full-Day Dig - $120 per person
  • Half-Day-Dig - $80 per person

Children ages 12 and under are free with a paying adult. If you plan on bringing a child under the age of six, you will need to check with Cowboy Dino Digs.

For more information or to book a reservation, click here.

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