U.S. Park Rangers of Yellowstone National Park are investigating an incident of a woman approaching wildlife at Roaring Mountain.

The incident occurred on May 10, 2021 at approximately 4:45 p.m. when an unidentified woman approached a female grizzly bear and her two cubs at the north end of the Roaring Mountain parking lot. The female grizzly charged the woman who turned and walked away from the bears.

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Multiple people witnessed the incident, and one visitor sent the following video to NBC Montana.

YNP officials are looking for help identifying the woman who is described as white, in her 30's, brown hair, heavyset, and wearing black clothing. If you were near Roaring Mountain on May 10, 2021, or have any information about the identity of the woman, contact the NPS Investigative Services Branch. Call or text 888-653-0009. YNP says Information from other visitors is often very helpful. You can remain anonymous.

Each year, we hear about visitors getting a little too close to wildlife, and it usually doesn't end well.

Yellowstone National Park is expecting one of its busiest seasons on record, and more people means more run-ins with wildlife. The park asks that visitors give wild animals their space by staying at least 25 yards away from large animals like elk and bison, and at least 100 yards away from bears and wolves. In case you're bad at judging distance, that's the length of a football field.

Park officials remind visitors to always be "Bear Aware" when planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Information about bear safety can be found here.

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