The Livingston Roundup has yet to make a decision on whether or not to hold this year's rodeo, July 2-4. And that's where you come in. On their Facebook page, the Roundup is asking you if you would still come to the rodeo in the midst of our current pandemic.

Obviously, there would be some special social distancing practices put in place for safety, but how do you feel about that? If you have tickets to this year's Livingston Roundup, would you still go if they decide to have it? Let them know what you think on their Facebook page.

Here's a sample of some of the responses:

June - I love the rodeo been part of my Life since I was a young girl but it is such close quarters and too many out of staters I just feel that we would be asking for trouble and because Of my RA I will not attend I just don’t think it would be healthy for our community it amazes Me how many people said yes where are you going to seat them safely.
JimI would not miss it for anything
AmyYes, 100% (depending on the “safety precautions” of course.) If people are worried, they can stay home. The ramifications of not holding the rodeo will last for years— LRA has been voted the best rodeo committee for years, with the rodeo being amongst the top in the nation for prize money, champion Kesler stock that consistently fall into the eliminator pen at rodeos across Montana and beyond, and a huge draw for big name cowboys and cowgirls who embody the grit, toughness, and horsemanship/stockmanship that keeps our western heritage alive.

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