I'll pick the baby every time.

If you HAD to the next time you fly, would you rather sit next to a crying baby, or someone who smells?

According to a new survey by Harris Interactive, 63% of people would rather go with . . . the baby.

Here are some of the other results:

Half of us would be willing to put up with someone who wouldn't stop talking if it got us more legroom . . . and 46% of people would rather have the seat in front of them unable to recline than have extra legroom.

58% of people are willing to pay for more legroom . . . but NOT to bring on luggage. And 39% of us would rather have the stranger sitting next to us fall asleep on our shoulder than have to pay to bring a carry-on bag.

The most-important perk on a flight was avoiding the middle seat in the row . . . 58% of women and 48% of men say they want to sit on either the window or aisle. And men are twice as likely as women to say that in-flight Wi-Fi is the most-important perk.