Although the snow should be letting up and we'll start to see some clearing during the overnight tonight, look for the temps to begin plummeting.

The overnight low tonight in Bozeman is expect to get down to around -20 below zero. But the National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory that is calling for winds up to 30 mph at times. That means we could see temps feeling as low at -40 below zero around the Bozeman area on Saturday morning.

Here's the wind chill temps expected for Montana on Saturday morning:

Bozeman: -36 

Livingstong: -43 

Butte: -27

Dillon: -37

Billings: -48

Great Falls: -37

Missoula: -29

The Wind Chill Advisory remains in effect until noon MST

* Wind chill... as low as 43 below due to temperatures 22 below
to 9 above zero... and winds north 5 to 15 mph with gusts up to
30 mph.

* Impacts... increased winds to bring blowing and drifting snow at
times... causing significant reductions in visibility. Widespread
snow-packs roads will combine with blowing snow and create
hazardous driving conditions. Those travel should use extreme
caution or delay travel plans. Bitter cold wind chill temperatures
can cause frostbite on exposed skin within 30 minutes. Dangerous
conditions are likely for outdoor enthusiasts.