Grizzly and Cat fans have been fighting to get the FCS Football Playoffs aired in Montana. Currently ESPN is the only network that can air the games and they are only including this Saturday's game on ESPN3, a network most Montana cable providers don't subscribe to. But there may be hope ESPN makes an exception.

According to an article on from the Missoulian, a fan living in Las Vegas, Kristal Glass, received an email from the president of Max Media, Linda Gray, which said, "ESPN is discussing the clearance on the local stations in Montana ‘at the highest level.' " Could this mean that the game may be allowed to air on our local stations as the regular season games were? We aren't quite sure as this newest tip is only a few hours old. What we do know is that no matter what, you can listen to the game right here on this Saturday starting at 12 noon! Go Bobcats!