Could this be the new Blackberry? The video popped up in my Google+ feed but there isn't much of an explanation about it. Either way it looks pretty cool.

The creators of the video, Interesting Engineering, also release details on the specs of the device.

BlackBerry Blade Concept has a very attractive design plus slide QWERTY keypad.BlackBerry Blade design at a glance to be similar to a knife, if its QWERTY slide open, the device looks like a curved knife.BlackBerry Blade has a size of 4.5-inch AMOLED display with 720p resolution which has been equipped with Gorilla Glass, Blade own body weight is made of aluminum with acrylic coating, and not only that BB Blade will also be equipped with quad core processor-powered 1.5 GHz and equipped with 12 megapixel rear camera and front camera 5 megapixel camera."

Most Blackberry owners I knew two years ago have now switched to Android or even Apple. Blackberry boasted they were planning something big and I will admit I'm impressed by their this new Blackberry Blade concept, but is it enough to get back their once strong following? According to Kantar WorldPanel, Blackberry's parent company RIM had only 1.4% of the market in November 2012. Apple has a whopping 53.3%!

What do you think?

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