Dave and Amy are the biggest St. Jude cheerleaders that I know. I can say this because I'm their coworker, and I see them come back each year from their annual conference deeply affected by the experience. 

During the two-day St. Jude Radiothon, which continues through 7 p.m. today, they are on air for 13 hours each day for two days, hustling up and down the stairs to talk with volunteers answering phones, welcoming St. Jude supporters into the studio and giving all they've got to raise money to help the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Not to mention all the behind the scenes work that happens leading up to the radiothon.

Each year, they aim to get a certain number of Partners in Hope. Their progress is visible through the colorful sticky note heart that forms outside their door. Each sticky note contains the name of a person who has called in and agreed to become a Partner in Hope by donating $20 each month to St. Jude.

So why is this important to them? Watch the video above to hear Dave and Amy explain what it means to them to be a St. Jude Partner in Hope.

If you'd like to become a Partner in Hope, click HERE or call 1-800-372-4999.

Our Partner in Hope Heart