Tiger got caught in the act, and in a big way. The entire nation if not world knew of his infidelities before the next day's mail arrived. But is Tiger alone? We've heard of other professional athletes suffering the same fate, but how common is it really? ESPN's anonymous Player X tells it all in this uncensored article that will leave you shocked.

Morning Fourball Matches-2010 Ryder Cup

Barry Petchesky - Dead Spin

ESPN The Magazine runs a regular feature called Player X, in which a current athlete writes anonymously on a pressing issue affecting his sport. A couple of issues ago, the mystery NBA player tackled the topic of infidelity among pro athletes. What ran in the magazine was polished, snappy...and unenlightening. But we have the original draft Player X composed, before the editing process sanitized it completely. The draft sheds a lot of light on what athletes are really going through, and how unpublishable the experience is.

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