Kicking back with a beer at a baseball game is about as American as it gets, but sometimes the cost can be so high you may fall out of your seat.

According to a new study, the Boston Red Sox charge the most per ounce of beer. Fans who go to Fenway Park will pay 60 cents for an ounce of beer, topping the 56 cents the St. Louis Cardinals charge.

If you’re looking to keep some greenbacks in your pocket, head to Southern California – the Los Angeles Angels sell the cheapest beer, at 28 cents per ounce.

5 Most Expensive Beers Per Ounce

1. Boston Red Sox – 60 cents
2. St. Louis Cardinals – 56 cents
3. (tie) Toronto Blue Jays – 52 cents
3. (tie) Washington Nationals – 52 cents
5. New York Yankees – 50 cents

5 Least Expensive Beers Per Ounce

1. Los Angeles Angels – 28 cents
2. Arizona Diamondbacks – 29 cents
3. Texas Rangers – 31 cents
4. Cleveland Indians – 33 cents
5. Pittsburgh Pirates – 34 cents

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