With the current social distancing guidelines that we are currently under, many people wonder if the drive-in movie theater could make a comeback. Which brought up the question today on the XL Morning Show: What happened to drive-in movie theaters? And why did they go away?

Some people believe the VCR brought on the demise of the drive-in theater. Back in the 1980s people found the idea of watching movies in their own homes more appealing than going out to the movies with their families.

Others thought it was more of a business decision and that drive-in theater owners could make more money selling-off their land, rather than running a theater?

Another theory was that weather was an issue. That in many cities and states there weren't enough good weather days to keep a drive-in theater profitable for the long haul.

Do you have any thoughts on why drive-in movie theaters went away? Shoot me an email at Dave@XLcountry.com and tell us your theory.

Here's a picture of Bozeman's Starlight Drive-in movie theater that operated from 1950 until about 1990. It was located on North Seventh Ave across from where Murdoch's is today.

Credit: Gallatin County History Museum
Credit: Gallatin County History Museum

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