As the 4-H Military Program Coordinator I get to work with amazing people. One of them is Brenda Baker who's husband is serving overseas. She is the President of the Family Readiness Group here in Belgrade. The FRG supports familes of service men and women while they are overseas. AND GUESS WHAT?..............THEY'RE COMING HOME!! Check out the email I just got from Brenda (makes me want to cry in excitement).



The Families of the 163rd Soldiers ask for your help in welcoming home our troops!

We ask you to decorate your office with yellow ribbons, flags or put  “Welcome
Home 163rd” on signs or billboards.  Soldiers could start arriving as early as this week!

If you have questions or comments please contact Brenda Baker - Family Readiness Group
(FRG) President at (406)539-1484 or if contacting by email please put welcome home in thesubject line.