Women may dream all their lives about getting married, but one dude lived out his fantasy of being an action star on his big day.

Florida couple Adam (Artix) and Michelle (Trini) were exchanging vows when they surprised just about everybody by veering off from the ordinary “I dos” and interrupting the ceremony with swordfights, ninjas, Iron Man, Batman, trouble-making bellhops and WWE icon Jimmy Hart. There's a guest list you've probably never seen in the same room.

It’s like a Hollywood blockbuster broke up a wedding.

The bride, as well as the groomsmen and bridesmaids, were in on the stunt.

It’s pretty cool, but we’re pretty sure the groom had already won over the bride, since, you know, she agreed to marry him and all. Considering how memorable the ceremony was, we can only imagine what they had planned for the reception.

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