If you really want to know how much Bozeman has changed over the years, check out this video of people drag racing in Bozeman from the 1950s.

According to the description of the video of YouTube, the footage was filmed in 1959. In the background, you can clearly see the Bridger Mountain Range.

The fact that folks used to drag race in Bozeman is really cool. It's definitely not something that you'd get to see in modern times. Also, the number of sweet classic cars in Bozeman at the time is equally impressive.

The video was originally posted to YouTube in 2010 by Woody Woodford. His page features quite a few nostalgic videos filmed in Montana. There are also videos of drag racing in Great Falls, Lewistown, and Cut Bank from years past.

It's hard to tell the location of the Bozeman drag strip from the video. It looks like it may be near the airport. If you know anything about the history of drag racing in Bozeman, we'd love to learn more about it. Was it a popular pastime? Who are some of the best drag racers in Bozeman history? Are any of the cars in the video still driving around Bozeman today?

Check out the video below. We don't own the rights to any of the music featured in the video.

Here's another really cool video of drag racing in Bozeman in the 1960s.

The videos give us a glimpse into Bozeman's past. Back when guys used to roll up a pack of smokes in their t-shirt sleeve and slick back their hair. It's a reminder of simpler times in Bozeman.

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