It turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday, so I picked my baby Matthew (age 3) up from pre-school and took him to the driving range.  We have a set of kids' golf clubs, and he was very excited!

It was his first time on the golf course, so I got him lined up correctly, showed him how to hit the golf ball, and off he went.  I was right next to him, practicing for a golf tournament this week, and he said, 'watch and learn.'  I love that kid.

I hit a bad shot, and he came over and showed me the correct way to do it.  I am realizing this must be part of being a man.  I grew up with two sisters, so I am fairly unfamiliar with little boys.  I do know that this one has me wrapped around his little finger.  I always wanted to have a boy so I could teach him the "correct" way to treat a woman.  This, after dating all the toads who never turned into a prince.  (disclaimer:  husband excluded).

I am teaching him to open doors for girls, and to always show respect.  I will teach him to walk girls to the door when dating, and to realize it's not a woman's "job" to do all the cooking, cleaning, etc.  I want him to support the women in his life, and know that their job, whatever it may be, including being a housewife, is hard work, and just as important as his job.  I want him to surround himself with people who return respect to him.

Right now, Matthew wants to marry me.  I said yes, and am going to hold on to that as long as I can!  When it comes to golf, I guess I could 'watch and learn' from him.  When it comes to being a man, I hope he turns to his Dad and Grandpas to 'watch and learn.'