Lately, Ben Affleck gets behind the camera a lot more than he does in front of it, and his next project may have him directing a Stephen King novel. is reporting that Affleck is in talks to direct Warner Brothers’ big screen version of King’s novel ‘The Stand.’ No word on who will star in the new version of the book. In fact, it’s not even confirmed by the studio or Affleck that he’s even in talks to direct the film.

Affleck already has a few films he’s going to direct so if he does sign up to do this one too it probably won’t be for a while. Then again, all things virus/zombie/end-of-the-world-ish are hot now so maybe this will jump to the head of the pack.

‘The Stand’ has already been filmed once, as a four-part ABC miniseries back in 1994 that starred Gary Sinese, Rob Lowe, Jamey Sheridan, Molly Ringwald, and Laura San Giacomo. Here’s the trailer.

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