The Bozeman International Film Festival arrives June 6 – 9, 2019, and organizers are currently seeking local Montana art to represent the second annual poster.

The collaborative event between filmmakers, restaurants and local businesses demands much time and effort to assemble the celebrated festival, therefore they are calling for local artists across Montana to submit their art to them.

Artists who decide to participate must be aware of certain guidelines upon entering.

  • The artwork must contain the title, “BZN International Film Festival”
  • The artwork must show the location of the event, “Bozeman, Montana”
  • The artwork must give the dates the event is taking place, “June 6 – 9, 2019”

If the title, location, and dates are not present in the artwork, a graphic designer will add them.

  • The poster artwork must include the BZN Logo
  • The submitted artwork must be original, created specifically for the Film Festival
  • Dimensions are the following: 8” x 10” with a .125” bleed
  • Artists are encouraged to include certain themes of environmental stewardship. Similar to the previous year, the 2019 event is dedicated to the focus of women in film.
  • By March 1, artwork must be scanned and emailed to

Note that the winner will not only receive two all-access passes to the Bozeman International Film Festival, but also gain recognition across all festival programs and online.

For current event details and announcements, follow BZN on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Any additional information is available at


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