Let's face it, we all know college is expensive. Especially if you are one of those students who take six years to get a four-year degree. Lots of us also enjoyed the first year of college shinanigans more than we liked going to class. Here is the good news, here is your chance to win $2000 towards your tuition.

The annual Jon Wanago Scholarship is up for grabs. Jon Wanago was a Montana favorite who passed suddenly in 2017. A Great Falls native, Jon was chosen as First Team All-Big Sky Nose Guard, Honorable Mention All-American, and a member of the Bobcat Hall of Fame.

The Paint Factory takes pride in making this scholarship continue to be a huge success. It is super easy to register to win. All you need to do is stop by The Paint Factory to enter. You can register yourself or you can register your favorite student. So if you know someone that is deserving of this scholarship, you can just stop in The Paint Factory. There is no purchase necessary and all MSU students are eligible. No long paper to write, no essays, just stop in! So easy!

Now, you can not stop in and put your name in the box 50 times, it is one entry per student. But one chance is better than no chances. Your last day to get your name in the box is THIS FRIDAY, October 1st. You don't even have to wait months and months to find out if you are the winner! They will draw a winner the following Monday, October 4th. You can check out Montana Paint Factory for all the fine details.

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