We have gotten so many great entries, and you can still enter your Super Dad in this great contest!

I love my Dad, and think he should win, and I love my husband and think he should win, too.  They cant, but your dad can!


The Super Dad with the most votes will win a $200 gift card to Kenyon Noble and second place gets a $100 gift card to Kenyon Noble!

Voting has ended and the winner's are labeled below

Hans Zech - My husband is one of the most amazing dads! He will take the boys out to go camping and then will come home and play dress up with the girls! He is a hard worker! He loves to just get out as a family and have fun with the kids!

Wade Schott - My daddy is super to me for many reasons. But to start off i would like to give some background on our family. When i was 6 my mom passed away in car accident. With a family of 4 kids that not only took a huge tole on us, but meant my dad would have to step up and become a mother as well.. the last 9 years my dad has remained single and has done a spectacular job raising us kids. My dad is super because as a teen without a mother he has to put up with my school drama, relationship issues, and yes, the ocasional PMSing. He is so good at giving me advice, and does his best to support us all. My brothers, sister and I are all in an athletic sport, which my dad does his best to attend when he can. My dad was also in the Desert Storm War, once again proving his time, dedication and love for the things he cares about like his country. On a day to day bases my dad drives a 30 minute dr ive to get my litle brother and sister to Middle school. Im not saying we have it hard, but weve been through a lot. But what stands out the most is the strength my dad shows each day. I may not say it enough but im greatful for my dad and always will be. He's one of a kind, and is doing the best he can. He brings meaning to the quote "Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a daddy." He's my world, and i look up to him not only as a father, but a role model as well.. And i couldnt ask for a better person to call my Daddy. Thank you. :)

Chris Wlodkowski - Dad is a Cub Master for scouts. Lets us play Baseball and Softball. Takes us fishing, and camping. He sneaks out of the house to get ice cream to surprise us. Takes us on trips. He spoils us with toys. And even got us a puppy this last Christmas. He's a good cook. He taught us how to pan for gold. Takes us hunting. Teaches us gun safety. Takes us for rides on the Bobcat Motor bike. He teaches us how to ride. We go on bicycle rides, and walks.
He tries really hard not to miss any events that we have but sometimes he has to work and doesn't get to some things.
He stays home with us when we are sick.
Most of all, he is a Super Dad because he LOVES US.

Les Durdle - He gives us the best advice. He & mom always try to make for a visit. He lives in wash. state. Here is there when u need him. I love him and miss him.

Here is a pic. of him and his grand kids with his wife.

Reed Simonson - Reed is an exceptional father. We have a daughter and two sons. Our daughter is actually his step-daughter, but he has been her father since she was 3 years old. He has shown her all the love and compassion he gives to our two boys. Our son Levi is a trap shooter. Reed takes him to shoots all over the state. Our other son is Luke. Luke is in a wheelchair, which doesn't stop Reed from getting him out hunting, shooting, camping, fishing, and anything else he is interested in. If there is a way to get him involved, Reed does it. I couldn't have a better husband and our 3 children couldn't have a better father!

First Place! Brent Barefield - His nickname is "The Bear;" yet, this burly man loves his toy poodle, Bink (I wanted out of the family after that name was chosen), as much as he loves golfing. Speaking of which, he recently broke his streak of consecutive days golfing at 27 - who golfs that much!?

My dad deserves this recognition because he devoted himself to raising a son who would be successful and respectful. I'll never forget leaving for high school dances with his last words to me being, "Find a girl who doesn't have anyone to dance with and dance with her all night." Hidden inside of my dad is the softest, most caring heart. I owe so much of my values to his teachings.

Most importantly, my dad showed taught me about love. He loves my mom and supports her through everything in life. My dad never yells, argues or reacts. He is calm, humble and he always is thinking of everyone else. I watched my dad as I grew up and learned what love looked like. In my own marriage, my goal is to love like my dad taught me.

Brent Barefield deserves the recognition of super dad because he took on the role of dad and rocked it. To this day, at 31 years old, I still aspire to be more like my dad as he continues to lead by example.

I love you, Dad! Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Dustin Matosich - Dustin is the Best dad I know. He loves to fish and hike with our two kids Sheyanne and Gavin. He makes it to all of Sheyannes vball games even though he works full time and she plays traveling club ball that takes us out of town a lot. He loves playing video games with our son. Spending all of his free time with the kids to guide them to be amazing young people!! All this and so much more is why Dustin is the best dad ever.

Second Place! Dave McLaughlin - My dad... is the glue that keeps our family together. He always has the solution, the kind word, a moment to pray for you, a warm embrace, an "extra" hour to just visit. He is also the "go to" guy, taking calls at all hours of the night, because a patient has a sick kiddo, or delivering a goat that is birthing twins. He wears many hats.... farmer, cowboy, doctor, husband, gardener, bushwhacker, but above all all he wears the hat of dad and grandpa. He changes and saves lives daily, always putting others before himself. Please vote for my #1 dad!!

Aaron Knerr - My dad is the most hard working caring person I know and an amazing father of 5. He wakes up every morning super early to work all day Long to support his family. My dad is also a veteran and he worked hard for our country. I love you dad you're the best in the world!!

Leo Noakes - Everything about him makes him super. He is a great person who will do anything do help out his family friends and even strangers. He has a huge heart! Leo is truly the best dad in the entire universe!!!

Pat Reiser - Both my parents are my hero's but after my mother suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage my dad has been the strongest, most caring and supportive dad. This happened two years ago and we still have a ways to go to keep improving my mom. My dad does so much he makes sure she has the best care through therapy and doctor appointments. I don't know how he has stayed so strong he also has a full time job on a ranch. My brother and I continue to rodeo and he supports us 100%. He is there for all of us no matter what! I love my dad and he has never left my moms side or ours! Please vote for him! Thanks!

Paul Chisholm - At the early age of 16, I met the man I would marry. He was a riot when it was time to have fun and mature when it was time to focus and become adults. We are now happily married for almost 8 years (but been together for 15yrs) with 3 amazing kids.
Life is great, we have become master jugglers with work, kids, the house, activities etc.
Life has also thrown us some curves.
My husband is a man who takes pride in what he does. Although he’s qualified as a landscaper and manufacturing engineer...with job loss and economy issues he now works at a salt mine. A job he actually quite enjoys. He tackles all the projects around the house and turns out to be pretty great at them all. I feel like I’ve won the jack pot with having the most amazing husband & father who also is a jack of all trades when it comes to our home (inside and out), our vehicles, our computers...he can fix anything! Our kids think he’s a super hero and I would have to agree!

A few years back when I was expecting our 2nd child he was in a snow blower accident where his hand was caught in the auger and ripped apart. His right hand (he’s right-handed) was mangled and broken almost to the point of amputation, but through surgery, strength training and his own strong will he goes on. Now, several years later he doesn’t say much but you can see him wince in pain on rainy days and drop the hammer that he lost grip on. No matter, we all carry on. He makes our world go round and mends all broken things, brings all my crazy renovation ideas to life, creates, builds and masters everything he touches.

“If there’s a will there’s a way and if someone else can do it, you can learn too”
The next blow came to us in the form of an F3 tornado (no pun intended). We live in a beautiful small lakeside town and one Sunday afternoon after we got home from camping we were getting ready for dinner around 4:00 and we noticed it start to hail. An odd thing to happen mid-August. Our family gathered to the front porch to investigate this wonder. As the hail got bigger and the wind grew stronger I asked him what that noise was that I was hearing. It sounded like a freight train coming down the road. He instantly clued into what was happening, rushed us all into the main part of the house as our porch blew in, raced towards the basement door and it was suctioned shut. A force came over Paul that gave him enough strength to rip the door open causing the back door to blow in but got us safely to the basement before the window where we had just been standing came crashing in. In a matter of moments it was over. We walked up the stairs to see the destruction. Our house no longer had a porch or any windows, but some of our neighbors didn’t have roofs or houses at all! He made sure we were safe and went running off to help our neighborhood in need. I couldn’t help thinking that if he wasn’t there, we would all still be standing in that porch and this would have a much different outcome!

We might still have our home but this storm greatly affected us! We were one of the first houses to be hit as the mighty F3 came up the lake bank. It destroyed the salt mine, ceasing work, our home and vehicles were highly damaged, it continued on to my store that I purchased just 4 months before, condemning the entire square that it sat on. Instantly Paul put a tarp on our roof to prevent further damage to our home. All the houses were taped. Three days later as we lay in bed on a dark morning without electricity I started to hear a drip coming from the ceiling. A vicious combination of wind and rain came that night to rip open all the tarps and left us with pools and rivers within our home. This felt very much like salt in the wound for us and we were forced to move out.
What were we to do without either of us having a job, a house or a vehicle?
After a month of healing, living with our parents and helping our town clean up we took control of our own insurance issue. We had our home inspected and the damage assess to a dollar value. Paul thought it was a good idea for us to take an insurance buy-out and he could do the home repairs himself since he was out of work for the time being anyways. This seemed like a great way to make our dollars stretch and recreate our home the way we wanted. I never knew in the long run what a toll it would take on Paul. Our house was gutted and the enormity of the job was in front of him. He knew he could do it, I knew he could do it but time wasn’t on our side. The weather got colder, it was getting closer to Christmas, and I had essentially been taking care of the kids at our parents while he slaved to the house. He began sleeping there; living off of whatever food was brought to him and working form sun up to sun down. He lost several pounds and our family time became nil. He wa nted to get us all home for Christmas and worked like a dog to meet his goal. All the time cupping his right hand that was starting to look like a chunk of sausage but just put it on ice at night and moved on. My 30th birthday was in November and we managed to go out for dinner which was special, it was so great to spend quality time with him again. When we finished he took me over to a friend’s saying they wanted to go out for a drink with us. Shockingly I soon learned that he was throwing me a surprise party!! All of my friends & family were there coming from many different cities! I was at a loss of words. How did he manage to pull this off? How did he organize all this, right down to the matching party decor and bringing in my favourite cake from the city? How? I still to this day think he may be superhuman ...how was he was able to pull it all off, not only the party, but we were back into our very beautiful home by Dec23rd. He did it. He does everything. He does ev erything for everybody. Perfectly.

When we were young and his friends were buying car speakers, he was buying tools. Years later when they were buying snowmobiles and mustangs he was buying kitchen tables and a Durango to hold our growing family. He’s never let himself have a ‘toy’ or even a proper place for his tools.

All I want is a chance to give back to him.

Ronald Hicks - I think my dad is a super dad! He always puts me first! He is in the 4th stage of his 4th kind of cancer; but he still does for others first! I lived in Georgia and my daughter was really sick and he; being so sick drove 3002 miles to come help me handle everything! He ended up having to stay and "help" for 9 months. He didn't feel good the entire time but he continued to help as long as I needed him to! I think he deserves to have some fun and win your contest!

David Carter - There are so many reasons why my papa is super. Some of them are:he loves us so much, even after he had knee replacement surgery he wanted to make sure we had fun and family time. He still tries as hard as he can to be active and play games with us even though his knee might hurt. He loves my mommy so much he still opens the car door for her and tells her she is beautiful every day. He is the best papa and role model for the family! We love him so much!!

Brian White - My husband is the father of three, one being a busy newborn! My husband works hard every day and works outside on roofs, even in the winter,because he wants to provide for his family. In addition to working outside, he sweeps parking lots at night after the kids have gone to bed to help the family. He is so generous to everyone and will drop anything to help someone in need. We have been saving up to fix our roof and it would really take some pressure off of him to be closer to our goal of installing a new shingle roof. Thanks for your consideration!