We asked for your photos of you and your dad leading up to this Father's Day and you certainly delivered!

Submissions are automatically entered to win a grill kit from Kenyon Noble - the perfect gift for your dad this Father's Day. All you have to do is enter your name, your dad's name, and two photos of you and your dad - one from the past, one from recent memory - in order to win.

Submissions are now closed!


Hayes and Ben Hartmann

Kyle and David Olson

Carson, Brayden, and Pat Krogstad

Ben, Emma, and Kyle Foust

Garett and Glen Paakonen

MacKenzie Seely and Craig Sorenson

Brandi and Ken Braden

Hannah and Ben Harrison

ShyAnne and Ronnie Brewington

Jacob and Brian Carroll

Jacklyn York and Russ Ward

Kenzie and Ry York

Dexter and Kurt Engen 

Kendall and Colin Funk

Chase and Casey Peterson

Megan Deegan and Kirby Dempster

Hannah and Levi Jones

Ashlyn and Patrick Lewis

Cru and Cory Deegan

Lynn and Steve Asche

David and Eric Murray

Tanner and Eric Laramore

Kelsey and Brandon Freese

Briley and Charles Eastty

Hayden Hansen-Vermillion and Sephan Vermillion

Henry and Tom Storey

Kash, Kolton, and Bud Aiassa

Christen and Bob Huizenga


Tawnya and Todd Gilstrap

Mark and Joe Cichosz

Michelle and Clint Burkhart

Ruby and Greg Maggard

Jamie and Joseph Rogers

Josey and Joe Rogers

Sierra and Lane Bos

Brittany and Lane Bos

Brianna and Lane Bos

Andrew and Roger Gaskill

Benton and Kenny Barlow

Jessica and Joe Rogers

Lane and Rusty Marshall

Matt and Mark Tilstra


Mikayla and Mark Tilstra

Laura and Dave Camilleri

Harrison and Justin Dixon

Harper and Justin Sharp

Oliver and Justin Sharp

Kendra Uehling and Ken Claussen

Jadon and Jeff Fremont

Luca and Charles Pera

Tana Hamilton and Jim Linscott

Vicki Young and Art Cooper

Harper and Nolan Bushman

Ethan and Jeff Spalding

Nicole and Joe Sperano

Laryssa Dodge and Larry Rhyner

Raelyn and Kyle Sukhbir

Wyatt and Kyle Sukhbir

Shannon Tyree and Mike Baron

Naomi and Charles Schadt

Samantha and Cody Bohrman

Brent and Rodney Wheeler

Chase and Jeff Smith

Taylor Hall and Tristan Henke

Halee Leum and Daniel Dyk

Kyle and Lonnie Macdonald

Dominic, Jaxon, Cason, Weston, and Jeromy Silcox

Lexie Shepard and Mike Kassity

Mariah and Duke Buster

Aramos and Jaden Kargel

Lucian and Jaden Kargel

Evia and Jaden Kargel

Hannah Ostrem and Bob Waller

Jo and Joe Doolittle

Rainna and Jim Floyd

Dalton and Donavon Hurlbert

Denali and Dan Stahly

Robert and Larry Nolan

Braeden and Jason Yuvan

TJ and Carl Krob

Elias and Ryan Kolar

Roree, Rylee, and Rusty Smith

Juliana and Eric Robinson

Meagan Parsons and Jim Morley

Kacee Krob and Ron Black

Susan Schmidt and Mark Pecukonis

Erica and Kirk Hochhalter

Amariah and Wayne Triplett

Jake and Jordan Bjorndal

Teah and Tyler Vennes

Rhonda and Brant Gilbert

Gracie and Rob Fleming

Palma and Jeff Tiberi

Matt and Scott Morris

Candice and Mike Dahms

Camille Lindsay and Norm Crane