If you thought the Yellowstone super-volcano might be the next tragic event of 2020, it looks like you're gonna have to come up with a new theory. The USGS just shared that earthquakes in the region were way down in July from previous months.

Mike Poland, the lead scientist for the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, just shared his update for the month of July. Of note is that there were only 47 earthquakes measured in the Yellowstone ecosystem in July which is down from a couple hundred in months previous.

You might remember that we interviewed Mike a couple months ago and asked him what sign would indicate to him that the super-volcano at Yellowstone was about to blow. He mentioned that he'd need to see the earthquakes change from hundreds per month to thousands.

Mike Poland - "First, it's important to understand that Yellowstone IS this really active and dynamic place. There were some news reports that made it onto various social media feeds recently that oh there were some earthquakes at Yellowstone...there's something like an average of 2,000 earthquakes every year at Yellowstone...in order to get concerned, I would expect that we would be seeing tens of thousands of earthquakes many of which would be felt...you would see a tremendous amount of uplift...if we starting seeing meters a year, many feet of uplift in a very short time period...weeks to months, that would be concerning. If we start seeing changes in heat emissions, water emissions, gas emissions, geyser activity that was happening on a park-wide scale...that would be concerning."

Based on the lead scientist at Yellowstone, it doesn't appear you have anything to worry about concerning the super-volcano adding misery to your life - yet.

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