Glen Campbell's management company has revealed that new music and a biopic may be on the way for the country legend.

"There's a ton of unreleased music and the more you get into it the more you find," TK Kimbrell, President of TKO Artist Management, says in a press release. "There were years Glen played guitar or sang on 500-600 records per year. There are unreleased recordings of him with [famed L.A. studio musicians] the Wrecking Crew -- lots of them."

Campbell and Kimbrell have been friends for decades, and it was recently announced that Kimbrell's management company would take over Campbell's career. "He's one of the greatest talents to ever walk the face of the earth," Kimbrell continues. "He's a great guy and a good friend."

Kimbrell will be taking over for Stan Schneider, Campbell's right-hand man for more than 50 years. The new management deal was Schneider's idea, as his age is very near to Campbell's. Schneider will continue as business manager.

"I've helped on a few projects over the years," Kimbrell says. "Stan is Glen's age and he asked a while back if I would consider taking over and the family blessed that."

In addition to unreleased music from the country icon, a new biopic about the singer's life is in the works. James Keach, the man behind the extraordinary documentary about Campbell's struggle with Alzheimer's disease, will direct the new film. No release date has been announced yet.

"It's hard for him to put words together. Physically, he looks healthy -- like the Glen Campbell we all know. He smiles a lot, and loves seeing his wife Kim and the family. They are always there caring for him," Kimbrell notes. "My goal is to make sure Glen's musical legacy lives on forever and is passed down for generations to come."

Glen Campbell Through the Years

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