The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office found two horses today near the intersection of Weaver and Bollinger in Belgrade.

If you have any information on who owns these horses please contact the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office Dispatch at 581-2100, ext 2, and ask for the animal control officer.

Below are pictures of the missing horses.

Photo courtesy of Gallatin County Sheriffs Office Facebook
Photo courtesy of Gallatin County Sheriffs Office Facebook

Your Horse is Missing. Now What?

Ever come home to find your horse missing? This can be one of the most stressful experiences as a horse owner. Here are some tips for you to have the best chance of finding your horse - and let's be real these tips can be applied for missing people too.

Get People Involved

Call and check with neighbors, friends, and authorities. The more eyes you have looking for your lost horse the better. You can also use social media to your advantage and post on local area groups or pages that your horses are missing.

Who knows the horse could be munching on your neighbor's precious lawn! I know that would be the first place my horses would probably venture off to.

Gather Your Horse's Information

Collect all of your horse's documents and keep them with you in case you need to rush to identify a horse. This includes a bill of sale, Coggins, brand inspections, papers, etc.

Call Equine Slaughter Facilities Immediately

It's sad to say but one of your early calls needs to be in concern of equine slaughter. About 80,000 American horses are transported over the borders to be slaughtered for human consumption according to ASPCA.  Reach out to local authorities and your local brand inspector to inform them of your lost horse and your concerns about slaughter.

Hope these tips help and really I hope you never have to use them!




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