Apparently, the sleeveless jacket is a big trend for summer.  I graduated High School in 1988.  This is NOT a new trend.  I find it hilarious that everyone ripped 80's music and fashion, and it is back with a vengeance.

I loved the 80's!  I was, and always have been pretty mainstream when it comes to music and fashion, as you can probably see in this picture.

I had a really cool sleeveless jacket in pink and green and blue and purple.  It was Esprit.  Yes, I know you remember that name!

Just keep in mind, in fashion, I guess the rule is that if you wore it during the first fad, you shouldn't wear it the second time around.  I couldn't fit in my clothes from 1988 if I wanted to.  Wait, yes I could.

I also showed up at my kids' school fundraiser, which was an 80's Footloose theme.  I was led to believe it was a "dress up" event.  It wasn't. I had my faded jeans, big hair, red cowboy boots (from the 80's) and red Firenza jacket (from the 80's).  I can't find any pictures, which is a good thing.  Plus, I think you probably have the mental image.

What is a trend you would like to see come back?

Which trend should stay gone?