Many folks are choosing not to travel by air, but if you're looking to plan a trip out of Bozeman, I did some checking to see how far your dollars will take you.

Given the current circumstances and the COVID-19 pandemic, know that itineraries are changing frequently. It's important now more than ever to keep on top of your reservation and CHECK FOR YOURSELF. . . don't depend solely on the airlines to let you know.

(If you don't have a Passport. . . stop delaying. GET YOUR PASSPORT PAPERWORK FILLED OUT AND THE PROCESS STARTED! Now is a great time to get it done.)

I search airfares all the time. Some weeks are much better than others when it comes to finding super tempting "I'm booking this now, my job be damned" airfares but they CAN be found.

  • Trips need to be a reasonable amount of time and the itinerary needs to fit a normal person's schedule. (You can occasionally run across crazy cheap-looking trips only to find out you'd be in Cleveland for 3 days or something silly. . .)
  • I also (personally) require that itineraries be on ONE airline and their partners. Piecing together flights on unrelated airlines might save a few bucks but it's a disaster when you have a travel issue.

Here's what I found so far this week: (week of 6/17/2020)

BOZEMAN TO NASHVILLE: Allegiant - $96 (Mon, Aug 31 – Mon, Sep 7, 2020)

This itinerary is good for a few reasons. 1) You'll get to spend the whole week in Nashville. Plenty of time to really engage. See the sights. Eat tons of great food, etc. 2) It's non-stop. 3) The trip is far enough away that hopefully COVID-19 will be further under control and states can open up more.

Nashville - Google flights


Plain and simple: Anytime I see Bozeman to Boston for $300, you buy it. Boston is one of my favorite American cities with more sights than you can possibly see and the best seafood options!

Boston - Kayak

BOZEMAN TO DALLAS: $178 on Frontier (Mon. Aug 17th - Sat. Aug. 29th, 2020)

Hey, if you want to head to the heat of Dallas in August...the price is right.

Dallas - Kayak

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