Headwaters Country Jam is right around the corner and we want to be sure that you are prepared when you arrive on June 25. With that in mind, the first step in being prepared for a music festival is having your tickets. So, you'll probably want to take care of that right away. Once you're done with that, come right back and check out our Top 5 Signs that You've Arrived at Headwaters Country Jam!

  • 1

    You're lost in a sea of campers.

    Why do they only make campers and fifth-wheels in white with little swoopy graphics? Thanks to every single camper looking exactly the same, finding your friends without a GPS is just about impossible.

  • 2

    Your shoes are filthy.

    Thanks to this monster storm, everything that used to be dirt turned into mud. Hope you're not wearing your fancy bedazzled cowboy boots, because they're now a lovely shade of brown.

  • 3

    You start talkin' with a little drawl.

    It's hard to nail down why, but it's somehow comforting to slow your words down and talk like a good ol' boy. Like all your words are covered in honey, yuh just cain't hep yursef... And no, it taint got nuthin' to do with the couple three beers ya had...

  • 4

    You sing along to country songs you've never heard before.

    Maybe it's the thematic similarity (pick-up trucks, painted-on jeans, beer, etc.) or the standard sonic line-up within country music, but a lot of songs sound like something you've heard before. That's not a bad thing though, because that means you can

  • 5

    You make a ton of new friends.

    There's something about Headwaters that brings out the best in people. Country music, sunshine, and cold beer puts everyone in a great mood, so people are ready to become best friends all day long.