It’s true! ‘Beer for My Horses’ singer Toby Keith wants you to take a big ole swig of swamp water in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. No, he doesn’t want you to travel down to the Everglades and test the waters there with a straw. But he would like you to come to his restaurant I Love This Bar & Grill and try his swamp water drink — a neon green cocktail served in a Ball jar.


Though Keith and his patrons will be celebrating the Irish holiday with this festively colored libation, the drink itself is actually more native to Mexico than anywhere else. Created by the bar’s Las Vegas-based mixologist, swamp water is a twist on Keith’s Wild Shot Mezcal, a drink made from wild shot liquor distilled in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The alcohol is derived from green agave plants that are 10 years old, and it’s this green color (and just a bit of food coloring) that makes the drink so perfectly suited for St. Patty’s Day.

Not only does Keith have three Academy of Country Music Awards nominations, but his restaurant actually has a nomination as well. The bar is up for the Nightclub of the Year award. Keith will be performing as a part of the April 1 telecast on CBS. If you’re not able to make it out to any of Keith’s bars to test the highlighter green swamp water, you could try your hand at making it at home with the recipe below. Just be sure you have a Bell jar (or perhaps a ‘Red Solo Cup’) and you’ll be ready to go!

St. Patrick’s Day 2012 is on Saturday, March 17.

Toby Keith’s Swamp Water Recipe:

(prepare in mason jar over ice)

- 1.25 ounces Wild Shot Silver
- 2.25 ounces Apple Pucker
- .75 ounces Simple Syrup
- Splash of Midori
- Fill with sweet and sour mix
- Float lime juice, garnish with two limes and a cherry
- Add two drops of green food coloring to darken the green (optional)

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