Congratulations to Margaret Larson who figured out our Wheel of Fortune puzzle to win front row tickets to Tim McGraw & Faith Hill's Soul2Soul Tour at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse on May 19, 2017.

For those of you who were trying to figure out the puzzle, here's what we were looking for:

Dave and Amy Put Me in the Front Row for Tim and Faith and I Didn't Have to Lick Jesse's Foot to Get There.


Important Note: Please Read if You Participated in the Contest

After awarding the tickets it was brought to our attention that the letters we provided to assist you in solving the puzzle were not accurate. Apparently, we included an extra U and an additional N.

Despite this, someone was still able to solve the puzzle correctly. Dave & Amy apologize for the error (seriously, who hired these two?) and regret any inconvenience that it may have caused.

Here's a quote from Dave & Amy:

We are so sorry! We know that many of you spent A LOT of time on this trying to figure out the puzzle. We try and create fun and interesting contests for our listeners, and while we would like, and have certainly spent most of the day trying to figure out a way to put the blame on Jesse, this is in fact our error, and for that we humbly apologize."

If you are angry at them, and we know some of you are, please tell us below what you think should happen to them for this egregious error.  Your message and thoughts will be completely anonymous, so don't hold back.