On Thursday, March 28, a Gallatin County Sheriff's deputy was dispatched to an address in Three Forks, where a woman had apparently assaulted her boyfriend.

The woman, Jody Ronning, reported the incident herself and told dispatch several times that she wanted to go to jail. She told the deputy at the scene that her boyfriend did not physically assault her during the domestic dispute.

Ronning told authorities that she had been dating the man, named “KC,” for roughly a year and that the two had been living together in a shed next to the garage at the home.

The couple apparently began to argue and at one point KC insulted Ronning. This made her upset and she then threw hot coffee in KC's face and hit him in the head with a coffee mug, causing a large laceration above his eye. The deputy stated that KC was bleeding "significantly."

Ronning was taken into custody for assault with a weapon. She was also issued a 72-hour no contact order.

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