We can't fit all of our articles in one handy place but we have collected some of our favorites over the week in case you missed any. There was news of a baby, tragedy in Tucson, iPhones coming to Montana, and free admission to YNP this weekend.

Funeral, Procession For Belgrade Soldier Today

By Colleen O'Quinn 4 days ago

U.S. Army Captain Jeremiah Sipes of Belgrade was killed at Fort Bragg on January 1, 2011. Reports ar that the shot was fired by a hunter. His remains arrived in Bozeman Saturday afternoon. The funeral and procession are scheduled for today.


Tim McGraw Connected To Tucson Shootings

By Tom J. 4 days ago

One of your favorite country music superstars, Tim McGraw, has a connection to the youngest victim of this past weekend’s shooting in Tucson. Read More...


Is Alabama Getting Back Together

By Tom J. 4 days ago

Randy Owen and the boys of the group Alabama got together to record one song on the new Waylon Jennings tribute album that is coming out this year.  Read More...

Ski Deaths

By XL Country 4 days ago

Two Whitefish skiers died this last weekend while skiing at the Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort. Both were in separate instances. Be careful this winter season and remember you can never be too safe. Read More...


Music Video Monday

By XL Country 4 days ago

Here is Gwyneth Paltrow singing her heart out in the song "Shake That Thing" from the blockbuster that opened this last weekend Country Strong.

Kenny Chesney Produces Football Documentary

By Tom J. 3 days ago

If you are a football fan this is truly worth watching! Awesome job Kenny! Read More...


Verizon Gets iPhone

By XL Country 3 days ago

Big news for any phone aficionados out there; iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon--this February! Excited buyers can begin pre-ordering their iPhones February 3 and the phone will be available February 10. Details inside. Read More...

iphone verizon(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Jewel Is Pregnant With First Baby

By XL Country 3 days ago

Red hot country news this morning, Jewel and Ty Murray, who were married in 2008, are now having a baby. The couple has known for a little while, but now the cat is out of the bag. Jewel says it was very hard to keep the exciting baby news a secret.

Admission To Yellowstone Free This Weekend

By XL Country 3 days ago

We really do live in paradise. We wake up here, go to work here, raise our kids here, mow the lawn (for two months) here, and eat supper here. With all that life demands, it’s easy to forget that Yellowstone Park is our backyard. This is your reminder.

What Your Facebook Profile May Be Telling ID Thieves

By Tom J. 3 days ago

I'm sure you know all about ID Theft.  Or at least you've heard about it.  I'm always pretty good about keeping things locked down as tight as possible when I do anything on computers.  Tons of passwords, lot's of security.  However, it is still not enough. Read More...

Bozeman Teacher of the Year

By Tom J. 2 days ago

Did you ever have a teacher that you still remember and admire?  Mine is in St. Louis.  Mr. Povich. I'll never forget this guy, ever.  He was the consumate educator.  Took time to really explain things.  Didn't just write on the board, and expect it to get done by so and so time and date.  Although he never won Teacher of the Year titles, he did with me.  Bozeman has a great one up for Teacher of the Year: Read More...

They’re Baaaaacckkkk

By Russell 3 days ago

The wonderful out of state, never driven in snow, slow as hell,  19 year old drivers are back.  I feel a rant coming on.... I don't mean to be rude... actually I do.  I tend to be one of those a**hole drivers that has a four wheel drive truck with all terrain tires on it that doesn't like the 19 year old from California that has never seen snow. Read More...