The Gallatin Valley needs a place where families and young adults can go and have fun year-round, and this space is perfect.

Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley have been growing exponentially over the past ten years, and if there is one thing that would be perfect for all the incoming families and college students would be a family fun zone. A place where people can go mini-golf, indoor go-karts, and more! The thing is, there is one location that would be perfect.

So I was driving by the old Dollar Spree location off of Main Street and Babcock, and I realized how massive that space truly is. You could easily fit many different options in there but think about how great a family fun zone would be. It would be open year-round instead of having it seasonal and has an already ample enough parking lot to help with traffic.

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

Plus, the concrete floors would be perfect for drifting your go-karts, and that is a win for everyone. The best part, this is even more space next door where Spirit Halloween used to open up during Halloween, and there was also a pop-up thrift store.
That space alone could house where people walk in and hang out before they go mini-golfing, play arcade games, or wait to show their friends who is the champion of the track.

I know this is a wild idea but with Bozeman growing and families, young adults, and couples looking for new, exciting ideas on what to do during these winter nights, a fun zone for all ages sounds like a swell idea.

Just an idea.

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