I have a dirty mind.  I admit it.  If you wonder where I got it, ask my parents!

That being said, we try to keep it clean around the kids, but I'm sure they'll grow up with a warped sense of humor.   I think someone at PBS has a warped sense of humor, too.

Matthew loves to play on PBSkids.org.

I am always nearby when he is playing on the computer, and I heard this. (It's short, and worth the listen).

It's the audio from the game Beaver City.  Matthew loves Beaver City! (See, not dirty...as innocent as can be, but it sounds dirty).

I know I am offending at least one person by posting this, and that I shouldn't be able to  derive anything dirty from PBS.  But, I can.  It made me laugh, and I'm not the only one.

So, what do you think about Beaver City?



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