Dave is out of the studio until Monday, so here are a few things I like to do when Dave is on vacation.

  • Take a nap on the couch in the studio
  • Binge watch TV shows on Netflix
  • Watch baseball games
  • Play an hour of nothing but Sam Hunt and Justin Timberlake every day he is gone
  • Show up as late and not get yelled at for it
  • Rearrange the studio to confuse Dave when he returns
  • Walk around in my socks or slippers. Anything but tennis shoes or boots
  • Wear pajamas to work
  • Constantly annoy Amy since she can't complain to Dave
  • Drive the XL Truck everywhere I go

What do you do when your boss is on vacation? As always, you can let me know your thoughts on our Facebook page, tweet me @JoeXLCountry or @XLCountry1007, or email me at Joe@XLCountry.com.