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John Dalke - Yes, it finally happened, I drew a sheep tag in the Missouri Breaks. I got a couple of scouting trips in but didn't see the "Monster" you hear about, but I did see sheep. I really wanted to get it with a bow so any legal ram was fine with me. Opening day of the 2013 season I actually passed on a couple of rams and half way through the second day I was beginning to regret it. Luckily I spotted a nice ram tucked up under a cliff. Long story short, I put an hour sneak on him and managed a five yard shot with my bow. He unofficially scored 194 5/8" by FWP the day after.

Lori Sayers - This is my son Tanner's first year getting to actually hunt. He has hunted since he was probably 4 years old with his dad and sister. Got his buck at a 187 yard shot! So proud of him and he is ecstatic!

Mandy Jo Wiley - I started shooting bows when I was about 15, but never had the time to be dedicated to bowhunting due to school and other commitments. With a new Diamond bow (24"-50#) this year, I was bound and determined to get out there and at least try. I'm a junior at MSU so weekends are my only time to hunt, so I knew I had to spend my time wisely. Despite my parents' ranch being 85% burned out late last summer, the elk were crazy this season and we got in the middle of them a lot! I definitely missed some good opportunities and completely shot over one really nice 350-class bull when my peep somehow got loose. Come my last weekend to hunt, I was getting desperate and rather discouraged after a 10+ mile hunt. While walking back to the truck, this lonely bachelor closed more than 200 yards on us in just a few moments and let me seal the deal at 30 yards. Solid, uniform 5x5--I haven't had the time to score him, but the game warden says he was 15+ years old! All in all I'm stoked about my first archery kill, more confident in myself after a perfect lung-liver shot, and ready for next year!

Aaron Johnston - This is a photo of my first and only bull shot in Darby, MT in 2010. It is a 6x6 scoring 330, shot at 100 yards with a 270 parker hale.
The best part of this hunt was not the bull itself but the story. In the picture along side me was our foreign exchange student we were housing Dante from Monterrey, Mexico. We were both in our senior year hunting all by ourselves, him and I started our hunt early hiking a rolling ridge line; coming over one of the rolls on the ridge we ran into 100 head of elk about 400 yards away. Dante was in awe by the sight of the elk, the second he saw them he started to pull out his camera to try and snap some pictures. By this time most of the elk had gone over the hill except for the bull that was trailing in the back. Dante got his camera out turned it on and what do you know, he has the sound turned on high and the camera says, "hello, begin taking pictures". I instantly turn to him and tell him to turn it off, he continues to take a couple pictures of course. Once the bull got over the ridge we started to make our hunt on them, slowly making a stalk. We get within 50 yards of just cows and we decided to sit and wait to see what we can see, but guess who decided to pull his camera out again, Dante!! He pulled his camera out it began talking to him and the elk bust us, it was a little bit of a laughing matter, but at the same time I had lost hope to get to the at bull. We continued to where the elk were and were just talking about what he had just experienced and all of a sudden I look up and laying in its bed at 100 yards is the biggest bull I have ever seen in my life. I put up my shooting sticks and make one great shot and down the elk goes. We both let out a huge yell just full of excitement. By the time we got to the bull and got it gutted Dante had always seen on TV people taking bites out of the raw heart, so what does he do out of curiosity? Takes one huge bite out of the heart, his face turned purple he spit it out and I can tell you I don't think he will ever do that again. 7 hours later we had that elk packed out and back at the house, and him and I had the greatest story to tell for the rest of our lives.

Staiger Joyner - I fell off a hay stack in late august and I absolutely love to hunt. I shattered both my feet and broke and my tibia after 3 surgeries. Almost all of the doctors told me there would be no way I would be able to go hunting but when some one tells me that I cant do something I work that much harder to prove them wrong. I was determined not to let the hunting season pass me by. I had set up a deer blind out in four corners I went and rolled my wheel chair out to the blind and had a group of white tail does come by at 50 yards and smoked this doe with a perfect shot. Hopefully I will be able to go elk hunting but this will be a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Cain Rinehart - I took this 5*6 muley in the back country of Montana when I was 18. The shot was 511 yards and went directly through the heart. It was by far the best shot I've made in my life. My dad was there with me to enjoy the experience. I am 21 now and trying desperately to beat this buck!

Damon Wanchena - I have been bow hunting for 3 years now and the day I graduated my dad took me on a Canadian bear hunt and it was one of the best hunting experiences I could ever ask for! This bear was the first big game animal taken with my bow! The bear was 320 pounds, stood over 6 feet 7 inches and had a 19 3/4 inch skull! This bear made pope and young for archery and is one of my greatest accomplishments! This made a very happy and proud father! Thanks dad!

Alison Howard - I was hunting the unlimited area near Gardiner. I spent around 15 days looking for a legal ram. I had seen ewes and lambs in the area and just knew there had to be a ram somewhere . When I was about to call it quits, my boyfriend and I spotted this ram. The first stalk was blown by some other hunters and we couldn't find him again. Then a few days later, on October 9th I spotted him again feeding. I watched him until he moved into some timber and never saw him come out. I hiked up to where I last seen him and put the stalk on. I ended up bumping him out of his bed but I was able to make a perfect shot with my browning 7mm wsm. With 15 inch bases and a little over 32 inches on the curls, I was one very excited girl!

Connor Lee - 270 Winchester short mag. with Leopold scope. 5 point 800 pound. Shot in Elk Park north of Butte, MT. The elk was over 350 yd. I didn't know how flat a 270 mag shot, so I held high and the shot went over him. I put the cross hairs on his front shoulders and watched as the Big Bull rose to turn to run and then did a nose dive. I was 14 in 2001.

Tawnia Hanson - It is not always the biggest trophy lying on the ground to make it the ultimate hunting experience it is the passion behind it that makes everything worthwhile. My husband Josh Hanson is an avid hunter- two years ago during hunting season he nearly died at the age of 25 from an internal bleed that took us all by surprise. He had 47 blood transfusions in the first month. Two years later we have no real answers other than he's alive and well. Knowing what could have been he is even more passionate about hunting He walks, talks and sleeps elk. On Saturday September 28th we were in Laurin Canyon located in Alder MT it had been a strenuous hike all day. Towards mid afternoon he threw out a bugle and instantly the canyon lit up with screams coming from every which direction. Cows above us mewing never winding us. We were in one of the draws when he had an opportunity at 14 yards to make his first ever kill with his Hoyt Bow - he took a shot and the bull instantly started staggering and took off In a different direction it didn't take long before it dropped to the ground. Not far from where he made the shot laid a nice 5pt bull elk weighing well over 1000 lbs. To the average hunter that might not mean anything but for him it's his first elk- he's gone through many seasons seeing many but never having an opportunity to take a shot. Rushing any shot leads to error however on that brisk fall evening everything fell in place for him making it the “ultimate hunting experience”

James Newell - Many miles on the horses and great hunts with a good friend, made this long back country elk hunt turn into once in a lifetime Archery wolf hunt. Like it or hate it I practiced conservation in 2013.

Marcus Hockett - 2013 Montana archery mule deer buck. Spot and stalk, 11 yard shot.

Ethan Nordquist - First ever bow hunt.
Ruby Mountains, Southwest Montana
September 7, 2013
6x6 320 bull elk
Matthews ZX7 Xtreme Tactical
Full Metal Jacket arrow w/ Exodus broad head

Jerry Stroot - I am a father of 2 boys and we all share the love for elk hunting. These are all public land bulls except for the biggest which scores 363 (Gardiner, MT) The rest come from Western Montana. As a family we hold 5 Bulls over 300 and many more just under. This picture is from 2009. Since then we have added 4 more trophies. Lots of hard work and love for the game pays off.

Josh Stroot - Year:2013 Archery
Location:Superior, MT
Score:337 6 point
Weapon:PSE Compound Bow

Travis Stroot - Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep
Location:Plains, MT
Weapon: 300 win. mag