A lot of people think they could never be fired, because they're good at their job. But being incompetent isn't the only reason people get pink slipped.

Here are the top five NORMAL things that can get you fired.

#1.) Being Indiscreet About Looking for a New Job. Meaning, don't search for jobs while you're on the clock, because anyone could walk by, see your screen for a split-second, and immediately know what you're up to.

Also, you should never APPLY for a job or send a resume from your work computer, because you're probably being monitored by I.T.

#2.) Gossiping. Plenty of people do it all day long and DON'T get fired. But all it takes is one poorly timed comment while your boss is nearby.

Plus, if you gossip a lot, other people are probably gossiping about YOU. And any negative comments your boss hears . . . even if they're not true . . . could prevent you from getting a promotion down the road.

#3.) Taking Too Many Personal Phone Calls. Again, if you're on the clock, you're expected to be working. Not planning your cousin's baby shower, or talking about March Madness with an old college buddy.

You might get away with it a few times. But once it's obvious that you're wasting a lot of time, you'll at least get pulled into your boss's office for a talk.

#4.) Surfing the Web Too Much. This goes hand-in-hand with the last one. If your company doesn't automatically block certain websites, you're lucky. But if you abuse it, they WILL eventually block them. Or they'll just can you.

#5.) Alienating Your Coworkers. You don’t have to be the most popular person in the office. But you at least have to have a working relationship with everyone.

If friction with coworkers starts to become a trend, you might end up getting replaced by someone who DOES work well with others.

For more ways to get fired, go to the Monster website.

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