Everyone thinks I'm weird because I've been doing this for years.  Can't sleep without them, in fact!

Every night, I put vaseline on my feet and then put on socks.  I know, too much info.  However, it turns out I'm actually doing something right!

The experts say one way to get to sleep faster is to not take our phones or iPads to bed.

Another trick to use to fall asleep is to wear socks to bed.

Researchers in Switzerland found you can fall asleep faster, and here's why.

When you're about to fall asleep, your body redirects more blood to your hands and feet. Once they're warm, your blood starts circulating around the rest of your body, which makes you go to sleep.

If you're wearing socks, your feet warm up faster . . . which means the blood can circulate around your body sooner.

Source:  Lifehacker