Two years ago today, November 17, 2018, one of the most memorable plays and one of the most exciting endings in Bobcat football history occurred. And it couldn't have happened in a better place than Missoula, Montana.

Let's re-set the scene. It was the Cat-Griz game on a cool and crisp fall day at Washington-Grizzly stadium on the campus of the University of Montana. The Bobcats found themselves down 22-0 in front of a hostile, sold-out Grizzly crowd.

The Bobcats managed to fight their way back into the football game and eventually took the lead 29-25 on a Logan Jones 13yrd TD run with only three minutes remaining on the clock.

The Grizzlies returned the ensuing kickoff all the way to the 50yd line before using just about all of the next three minutes to drive down to the 4yd line. On second and goal, with only 14 seconds left and Montana poised to win the game, Tucker Yates knocked the ball loose on a Grizzly run up the middle, and Derek Marks from Belgrade jumped on it, giving the Montana State Bobcats their 3rd straight victory over the Griz, a streak that is still going at four.

The game was instantly dubbed The Miracle in Missoula and today we still get chills when we watch the replay, which you can do below. That great moment in Bobcat history took place two years ago today, but it still feels like yesterday!

The Bobcats won't play Montana this fall. That game has been moved to the spring because of COVID-19. It's set for March 27, 2021, in Missoula. It will be their first visit back to Washington-Grizzly stadium since the Miracle in Missoula.

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