The Center for Western Lands and Peoples invites you to the Festival of the West, an afternoon of presentations and a celebration of the latest research from MSU Faculty, Students and community members. It happens tomorrow, Thursday, April 20th from 1-4pm in the Procrastinator Theater. You can hear 15-minute talks on the current work being done on the American West. There will be a reception in Leigh Lounge afterward.

Featured Speakers:
Mark Fiege, History & Philosophy
Walter Fleming, Native American Studies
Andrew Hansen, Ecology
Linda Karell, English
Hannah McKelvey & Jan Zauha, Library
Gretchen Minton, English
Andrew Nelson, Film and Photography
Cindy Stillwell, Film and Photography
Bill Wyckoff, Earth Sciences

Featured Graduate Students:
Jeff Bartos – Ph.D., History
Nancy Mahoney – Ph.D., American Studies
Kelsey Matson – Ph.D., History
Linnea Sando – Ph.D., Earth Sciences, Geography
Micaela Young – Ph.D., American Studies
Laurel Angell – Ph.D., History
Kristin Smith – Ph.D., Earth Sciences
Dionne Zoanni – M.S., Earth Sciences
Nicolas Bergmann – Ph.D., Earth Sciences, Geography
Anthony Wood - M.A., History
Will Wright – Ph.D., History

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