This is a dish you can have any time of the day, and anywhere you are. It's a simple but can be elevated into almost a gourmet meal. 

Mac & Cheese is constantly devoured by kids and adults nationwide. So we had to find out the best place in Montana for mac & cheese, and we found a winner. 

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Love Food came out with a list of Every State's Best Mac 'n' Cheese, and the choice for Montana is pleasantly surprising. The best place to get mac 'n' cheese in Montana is at Black Iron Grill & Rotisserie in Miles City, Montana. 

Blackiron Grill & Rotisserie via Facebook
Blackiron Grill & Rotisserie via Facebook

The Black Iron Grill & Rotisserie has a dish called the Black Iron Mac, and after reading the description, you might need a nap after this mac 'n' cheese. Not only do these noodles get a three cheese blend and bread crumbs, but you can also add shredded rotisserie chicken, crispy chicken, shrimp, steak, or prairie fire sausage. That sounds awesome. 

If you don't want to travel to Miles City for mac 'n' cheese, that makes sense. We did a post a while back about the best places to get mac 'n' cheese in the Bozeman area. Our personal choices for the best in Bozeman are either Mo' Bowls or Smoke, Fire, and Coal. 

Mo' Bowls via Instagram
Mo' Bowls via Instagram

Mo' Bowls is a staple of Bozeman, and their mac 'n' cheese is awesome. They have several different varieties, and if you're downtown on the weekends, don't miss their truck. Smoke, Fire, and Coal have a smoked mac 'n' cheese, and you can add brisket or chorizo. 

Who else is hungry after reading this? I am. 

For more details, check out Love Food

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