In the Band Perry‘s new ‘Postcard From Paris‘ video, Kimberly and her brothers are seen hanging out in the French Quarter of New Orleans (not exactly Paris itself, but close enough, right?). The storyline-driven clip — which features minimal performance footage, save for the band singing in front of black and white “Wanted” signs and photos — shows the adorable blonde being watched by an admirer from afar. Since she is constantly flanked by her siblings, they are indirectly being watched, as well. But Kimberly is clearly the focus of the follower.

The voyeur hides behind a newspaper and follows the threesome, snapping his own selection of photos of the Band Perry’s leading lady while she takes shots of landmarks in the area.

She becomes aware of his presence several times, like when she is drinking coffee and being playful at a cafe. It’s as though she catches him accidentally. They make eye contact and there is an unspoken connection and tension, which only ups the mystery and mystique.

We’ll admit — it’s a bit creepy at first. What does he want from her? Why is he keeping his distance? Is he a stalker? Is she in danger?

Well, it turns out the siblings aren’t exactly on the up and up. We won’t reveal the twist, but it’s one we didn’t see coming. It involves a little jewel heisting.

Shhh. We’ll never tell. Neither will the who’s man hot on Kimberly Perry’s trail.

Watch the Band Perry ‘Postcard From Paris’ Video