To country music fans, the Band Perry are sibling trio Kimberly, Reid and Neil. But to Kimberly, Reid and Neil, they are three completely different personalities, dubbing themselves the “bossy one,” the “hard-headed middle child” and the “baby.”

“We’ve always been a really, really close family,” big sister Kimberly Perry tells Taste of Country. “There have never really been things like secrets or anything like that in our household. [So being on the road in close quarters] I feel like has enhanced the personalities that we already had. Neil is our baby, and he never lets us take ourselves too seriously. I’m kind of the bossy one. That comes out with a vengeance on the road,” she spills. “Reid is sort of our hard-times critic/hard-headed middle child. The three of us with our different and distinct personalities, certainly have been brought to a whole new level [by being on the road]. Nine times out of 10 that’s a beautiful thing. Then one time out of 10, it can cause fireworks on the tour bus.”

“One thing we have learned, because we are so close, if one person’s unhappy, all of us are unhappy,” Neil chimes in with a laugh.

But lately, it seems that the three Perrys have been keeping their happy faces on. After all, it’s tough to be in a bad mood when you’ve just score your second No. 1 single, have award nominations coming in left and right, and have a top selling debut album, on top of countless other career accolades — in just a year’s time.

“It has been an amazing 12 months … it really has,” Kimberly beams. “We’ve spent our whole lives working towards this moment. We’ve dedicated every minute to music since I was 15, Reid was 10 and Neil was 8. So you’re talking about a 13-year journey towards the last 12 months. It’s just been really, really wonderful to see all the blood, sweat and tears that we’ve dedicated for so many years in life. It’s really come to fruition. I know for a lot of folks who have only heard our songs on the radio, in some ways, it might seem like an overnight success, but we’ve honed so much of our songwriting craft and performance craft behind closed doors in our living room. It’s just been a huge joy … so many firsts in the last year.”

Another high point? How about the recent tours they have been on, which have include sharing the stage with the likes of Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Reba McEntire, and currently, Brad Paisley. “We’ve learned a lot this year [like how] the arena settings are very different from little clubs,” notes Neil. “In the arenas, you have to make sure the people in the rafters are having as much of a good time as the people down below. So we’ve learned a lot, and we’re still learning.”

“Every single day [and with] every single performance, we figure out something new,” says Kimberly. “We learn how to cover mistakes the next time … We are so good at that [laughs]!”

The Band Perry’s current tour dates with Paisley’s Virtual Reality Tour, also featuring Scotty McCreery, will run through August. Click here for a complete list of dates where the band will be performing throughout the year.

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