I guess now that Father's Day is over, we can stop giving dads attention and go back to focusing on moms.

Here are some results from a big new survey on moms and STRESS. The average mother feels stressed at least five times a day. 14% feel stressed at least 10 times a day.

The most stressful time of day is 11:56 A.M. Probably because it's right around lunch time, when they realize the morning is over and there's a TON of stuff still left to do.

The second-most stressful time is 8:01 A.M. And the third-most stressful time is 5:30 P.M.

The most stressful situation is going to the grocery store with kids. The rest of the top five are: Juggling housework with taking care of kids . . . the chaos of the morning . . . trying to get kids to eat . . . and preparing different meals for picky kids.

And the average mother spends three hours and 28 minutes a day doing family tasks.

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