'Tis the season and people are shopping for family and friends.

Of course, it's all the season of increased theft. For whatever reason, it seems the holidays often bring out both the best and the worst in people so it shouldn't come as a big surprise that this time of year is popular for those looking for a 5-finger discount.

We've all seen the videos of "porch pirates" sneaking up to homes and stealing the packages left for delivery, however, that's only a part of it. Retail deals with a lot of theft during the holiday season as well and one of the biggest retailers in the world during the holidays is Walmart.

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Walmart certainly has a large presence here in Montana, with multiple locations across the state.  For many, it's the go-to store for groceries and all of the other things we use daily. Having said that, it seems that Walmart is also a bit of a target for those looking to steal.  Let's take a look at the 8 most stolen items from Walmart

8 Most Stolen Items from Walmart Stores

Here is a look at 8 of the most stolen items from Walmart stores.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

It looks like theft is becoming a bigger issue as the last couple of times I've shopped at Walmart, I've been asked to show my receipt as I leave the door. Now, maybe I look a bit shady, but I don't believe that I'm being profiled, I just think that with things like self-checkout, those looking to get away with something are using technology to their advantage.

Some friendly advice, keep your eye on during this holiday season, because sadly, the season of giving often becomes the season of taking for some.

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