Montana Law Changes Allowing Motorcycles to Lane Split.
Starting October 1st, Montana Law changes to allow in something called "Lane Splitting". From what I can understand, there will be certain situations in our state where there are traffic slowdowns (20 mph or less), or when traffic comes to a complete stop, motorcycles will be able to "lane split".
Motorcycle Crash Victim Identified
From the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office: On June 4, 2012, at approximately 10:30 AM, a two-vehicle accident was reported at the intersection of Frontage Road and the Valley Center Spur. Responding Deputies and the Montana Highway Patrol discovered that 28-year-old Caleb Jones of Gallatin County had been riding his motorcycle without a helmet through the intersection and was involved in th
Motorcycle Crash Rescuers Speak About Their Act of Heroism [VIDEO]
Brandon Wright, the 21-year-old student whose life was saved when a group of strangers pulled him from beneath a burning car, is in recovery  at a Murray, Utah hospital, ‘Today‘ reports. His saviors, whose brave rescue was caught on camera in a video that went viral yesterday, spoke about the experience to the press.
Man Miraculously Walks Away After Horrific Motorcycle Crash [VIDEO]
Let this video of a motorcyclist crashing at top speed into a passing truck be a lesson to all drivers: Motorcycles are dangerous, riders should always wear a helmet and Ryan Gosling probably won’t be around to smooth things over when the two drivers meet. Despite the severity of the crash (which shatters the motorcycle in question), its rider miraculously gets up and walks it off.