Let this video of a motorcyclist crashing at top speed into a passing truck be a lesson to all drivers: Motorcycles are dangerous, riders should always wear a helmet and Ryan Gosling probably won’t be around to smooth things over when the two drivers meet. Despite the severity of the crash (which shatters the motorcycle in question), its rider miraculously gets up and walks it off.

Take notice of the elevation, the body control in air and the fact that not one car stops to check on the motorcyclist or his mangled bike in the street. Also notice the rider brush his shoulder off as if this is not a big deal. Isn’t that a line from the Jay-Z song ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder?’ “If you’re feeling like you got hit by a truck / Go on brush your shoulder off.” It should be now.

Watch this biker get hit, flip and survive to tell the tale in the video below:

[via BuzzFeed]

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