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Thanksgiving Travel Looking Easier & Cheaper For Montanans.
Traveling in Montana around Thanksgiving is usually a little scary.  I remember doing a 180 on the highway and going backwards into the ditch a couple of yeas ago.  Don't worry your weather is looking a little warmer than normal this year.  And the gas prices seem to be dropping as well.
Just How High Will Gas Prices Go in 2012? – Dollars and Sense
Remember the summer of 2008 when the highest gas prices on record occurred and the price for a gallon of fuel hit $4.11? Hate to break this to yah, but a warm winter and tensions in the Middle East have some analysts predicting current prices will top $4 by this spring — and could even climb as high as $6.50.
Secrects To Improving Gas Mileage – Really?
You should press the accelerator gently like there's an egg between your foot and the pedal.  You should coast downhill.  You should not let your car idle.  How many of these have your heard?  Do you have any others?  And do you believe any of these actually helps save gas...
How To Save On Gas As Prices At The Pump Climb
Have you noticed the climb in gas prices the past couple of weeks?  It's going up so fast that even government reports can't keep up with it.  This morning Colleen and I gave you info on how NOT to save are some ways TO SAVE... The AAA fuel gauge report is a great source to check. Here are more ways you can keep your quick drive to the store or the annual family road trip from costing y