Modified Dairy Cows Produce Human Milk in China
Scientists in China have genetically modified a batch of cows so that they can now produce human breast milk opposed to regular cow's milk. The researchers at the Agricultural University in Beijing did so by injecting the human gene that makes milk into 300 bovine embryos.
Latest Chinese Fad Involves Live Reptiles on Keyrings
Street vendors in China have helped to create a new trend in the country by touting tiny reptiles sealed in colored water and attached to a keychain to passers-by.
The newest craze is nothing short of bizarre, which is probably why so many people are interested in purchasing one of their own portable…
This is apparently a test they give 2nd graders in China.  I would not pass 2nd grade there.  I finally got the answer...and there is one.  At first I thought it was one of those tests that measures how long you try to find an answer, and then tells you you're an idiot...