To The Jerk Than Ran Into My Car
We've all been put in a position where we've had the decision of choosing the right thing to do, or choosing the wrong thing to do.
To the person that chose the wrong thing by backing into my car and then driving off, I'd like to ask you a few questions...
6 Things To Keep In Your Car During Winter
With winter in full effect, are you prepared if your car breaks down or goes off road? Here are five things you should always have in your car:

Extra winter clothing: Hats, Gloves, Scarfs etc.
Food and Water
First Aid Kit
Jumper Cables

Another helpful tip, make sure your cell phone is fully…
Lessons From A Woman Mechanic
By: Nick Yapp Collection: Hulton Archive
I don't know about you, but I get sick of the runaround from car mechanics.  Here are some tips, from one female to another!!  ~Erin
In a bad economy, people tend to fix their cars rather than buy new ones. And while industry experts say that nearly 80 perce…
Crazy Car Lights
What is with me and headlights? I am having another replaced, this time the passenger side once again. I replaced both in the past, then Lori and I replaced one, just had the drivers side replaced about a month ago. This morning the other side was out...
Need A Car Or Bike?
The Bozeman Police Department is having their annual Vehicle & Bike Auction this Saturday (11/13) from 9am to Noon at the City Impound Lot at 600 East Griffin. Viewing starts at 9:00. The bike auction starts at 10am. And the vehicle auction starts at 11:00. It...