‘Your Child Has Cancer’— What Would You Do?
With St. Jude a little over a week away we are looking forward to an amazing couple of days here at XL.  Some say it's hard to listen... It's hard to tune in and hear all the sad stories.  Well, that's why we do it, why we work so hard to help raise as much money as possible…
15 Year Old Develops New and Better Method to Detect Cancer [VIDEO]
Jack Andraka won the Gordon E. Moore award from Intel in May 2012 with his cancer detecting method at the young age of 15! Andraka explains he had an uncle who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer and that's when his interest in the field began. His technique he says is 168 times faster, over 26,000 t…
Bozeman Firefighters Stair Climb Team
Who likes cute firefighters?  Who likes to help in the fight against cancer?
The Bozeman Firefighters Stair Climb team is raising money to fight leukemia, and need your help.
This is the second year they've done the Seattle Stair climb...

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